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Our Story

We are grounded in community.

Throughout her years as a music educator, our founder Isabella Li struggled to find opportunities for her private students to share their music beyond periodic formalized performances. Furthermore, learning experiences with master musicians were restricted to the upper echelons of the music world. Isabella believes that in order for a music education to be comprehensive, it is imperative to incorporate interaction with other musicians. These encounters are crucial for a young musician’s development of their own unique musical voice. 


Frustrated by these limitations, Isabella sought to create a platform for consistent and accessible musical exchange through which individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels could learn and grow in their love for music together. The shift towards virtual gatherings spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the power of technology to connect individuals across any distance. Isabella was emboldened to harness this capability to bring prominent master musicians together with students to create an online music community space that stretches across the reaches of the globe. 


[our mission]

Our mission is to inspire young musicians to cultivate their own unique musical voice, while simultaneously supporting teachers in the educational space. We strive to create a welcoming learning and performing environment ​for students, while also providing educational content and support for teachers. We aim to bring together musicians from a diverse array of backgrounds in order to foster growth and learning so that young musicians have the opportunity to play for, learn from, and be inspired by world class musicians. We are committed to making music education accessible to underserved and underrepresented populations in the music space through our community outreach and scholarship programs. 

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