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Grand Piano


In order to ensure a high quality learning experience for all students, participation in each Masterclass is audition-based. See below to learn more about our audition process!

Please note that you must create an account with us in order to submit your application.


You must be a registered member of our website in order to submit an audition application. To register, click the "Log In" button on the top right, then navigate to the "Sign Up" page to create an account with us. 


Audition repertoire requirements vary by Series. Under "Audition Information" you can find the submission deadline and specific repertoire requirements for each Masterclass.


Prepare a video of yourself playing the piece (any length is acceptable) that you would like to submit as a part of your Audition Application. 


Upload your video to Youtube; make sure that the settings give us viewing permission by making the video unlisted (you can control this under the video visibility settings). 


Submit the Audition Application early to improve your chances of getting a spot in the Masterclasses. Late submissions closer to the start dates for the Masterclasses may be accepted if there is still space available, or if a space opens up after a class has been filled.


The Musicale team will review your Audition Application and be in touch with your audition results within approximately 3 business days after your submission. 


If accepted, Musicale will send you instructions on how to enroll for your Masterclass through our Enroll page. You must enroll in the Masterclass that you were accepted by using the same name and email address that you used in your Audition Application. 


Participate in your Masterclass! 

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