Thank you to all students, teachers and parents for your participation. Videos are linked for Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize Recipients

5-7 years old

Gold Esme Tran

Silver Caleb Ding

Bronze Evelyn Cao

Honorable Mention Henry Liu

Honorable Mention Napapat Niltawach

Honorable Mention Angelina Wang

8-11 years old

Gold Ethan Mihaescu

Silver Milo Miller

Bronze Kyle Zhu

Honorable Mention Qi Ye Kingsley Chen

Honorable Mention Lilian Ji

Honorable Mention Julian Tushman

12-14 years old

Gold Kevin Zhou

Silver Kayla Pearl Kaushansky

Bronze Evelina Kleczek

Honorable Mention Isabella Kong

Honorable Mention Ella Li

Honorable Mention Ryan Ruihong Li

Honorable Mention Hannah Zou

15-17 years old

Gold Jack Hu

Silver Kimiko Darcy

Silver Ke Nicole Hu

Bronze Ellen Foreman

Bronze Henry Tushman

College (18-26 years old)

Gold Michael Marquez

Silver Junwen Liang

Bronze Melissa Ooi Yong Xin

Bronze Wenqing Zhang

Musicale Fall Music Festival Prize Winners Concert 1

Musicale Fall Music Festival Concert 1

Musicale Fall Music Festival Concert 3

Interview with Kimiko Darcy, Musicale Fall Music Festival Silver Prize Winner: What inspires me to study piano.

Musicale Fall Music Festival Prize Winners Concert 2

Musicale Fall Music Festival Concert 2

Musicale Fall Music Festival Concert 4

Interview with Jack Hu, Musicale Fall Music Festival Gold Prize Winner: My passion for music and why I want to pursue music as a profession.

Interview with Hannah Zou, Musicale Fall Music Festival American Piano Music Special Judge's Award Winner: My experience learning an American living composer composition.


Discovering America

Stephen Drury


America has always had an uneasy relationship with classical European culture, especially musically.  The Americans who composed concert music for solo piano needed to discover their own true voices, influenced by European tradition but with independent, unique and idiosyncratic visions. The resulting works are amongst the greatest and most striking compositions of the past 125 years. We will explore music for piano by Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles, Henry Cowell, John Cage, Morton Feldman and Steve Reich, with special attention to pieces playable by intermediate level pianists, with sounds that won't drive the neighbors crazy!

Back to the Future Piano

Lisa Moore


“New York’s queen of avant-garde piano” (New Yorker) - will demonstrate, dissect and display some of the modern solo piano works she has recorded and performed - pieces composed by American mavericks Philip Glass (Mad Rush and Etude no.2),Don Byron (Piano Etude No. 5), Frederic Rzewski (Piano Piece no.4), Martin Bresnick (Ishi’s Song) and Julia Wolfe (Earring). Moore will discuss the learning and performance challenges that arise within each work - especially in the realm of touch, tone, rubato, and rhythm - as well as covering topics such as ‘how to choose new works’ and ‘getting to know the composers around you’. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to uncover these works with a master performer of the 'Music of our time’.

Pianistically Contemporary: Composing for Technique, Style and Musicality

Tom Gerou


My composing reflects contemporary mind that looks back for inspiration. In my heart I am a piano composer first. It is my pleasure to share thoughts, approaches, considerations, and techniques that are consciously employed to make each piece unique, performable, and offer musical challenge. Hidden composition tools within the music will be explored, allowing greater insight into each piece.

Practical, Purposeful and Plentiful - the Music of Dennis Alexander

Dennis Alexander


This Musicale session will explore some of the works by American educational composer, Dennis Alexander.  He will discuss his creative process while offering tips on how to compose award-winning compositions for students at all levels.  His 50-year career as a performer/teacher has also been very influential in his success as a composer of materials for pianists of all ages and abilities.

Reimagine Beethoven and Ravel - Bridging Yesterday and Tomorrow

Inna Faliks


Inna Faliks asked 9 composers to create works inspired by Beethoven's Bagatelles opus 126 and Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit. In this mini-course, she discusses the experience of recording the work during the pandemic, and how technology impacted this task. She delves into the piano world each of the nine diverse composers created and introduces their piano music. Finally, she demonstrates how programming today must look not only backwards but ahead. Composers include Peter Golub, Tamir Hendelman, Ian Krouse, Richard Danielpour, Mark Carlson, David Lefkowitz, Paola Prestini, Timo Andres and Billy Childs. 

Music to Learn from and Love

Catherine Rollin


In this mini course,  Catherine Rollin will explore a few of her most highly regarded and well received series.  In all of her music, Catherine has aimed to create what she calls “real music.” Although her composing always has  pedagogical purposes at its core,  Catherine also feels it is of the utmost importance that pieces are intrinsically musical as well.  It is only with “real music” that students are inspired to practice and grow and most importantly: to love music.


Series discussed more in depth in this mini course with be: The Bean Bag Zoo, Lyric Moments, Museum Masterpieces and Spotlight on Style.  Catherine will also play one short piece from each of the other series to demonstrate the sounds and skills emphasized.  Teachers will learn much about teaching generally as Catherine analyzes how to introduce the music from the standpoint of technique, artistry and musicality.

Friendship; Why I Play American Music

Ursula Oppens


A prolific and critically acclaimed recording artist with five Grammy nominations will demonstrate  and discuss works by Elliott Carter, Julius Hemphill, Frederic Rzewski, Alvin Singleton, and Ellen Taffe Zwillich