Thank you to all students, teachers and parents for your participation. Videos are linked for Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize Recipients

5-7 years old

Gold Esme Tran

Silver Lucas Lee Meng Zhe

Bronze Evelyn Cao

Honorable Mention Alice Wang

Honorable Mention Emily Xi Amidon


8-11 years old

Gold William Hsieh

Silver Masanobu Pires

Bronze Ethan Mihaescu

Bronze Kyle Zhu

Honorable Mention Qi Ye Kingsley

Honorable Mention Kristina Pan

Honorable Mention Sophia Popescu

12-14 years old

Gold Evelina Kleczek

Silver Vartan Arakelian

Bronze Dennis Ji

Bronze Aaron Wang

Honorable Mention Ian J. Lin

Honorable Mention Joanna Zhao

15-17 years old

Gold Jackson Naglick

Silver Jie Liang

Bronze Ellen Foreman

Bronze David Heschel Liebowitz

Bronze Evan Lin

Honorable Mention Caleb D. Kim

Honorable Mention Tim Kulchitsky

Honorable Mention Eloise Zeng

Musicale Winter Music Festival Prize Winners Concert 1

Musicale Winter Music Festival Concert 1

Musicale Winter Music Festival Concert 3

Musicale Winter Music Festival Prize Winners Concert 2

Musicale Winter Music Festival Concert 2

Musicale Winter Music Festival Concert 4


Prokofiev: Many Faces of the Great Composer

Boris Berman


Prof. Berman discusses multiple facets of Prokofiev's style and piano writing, using as examples works from his different creative periods.

The internationally acclaimed pianist and Professor of Yale School of Music, Boris Berman is the world authority on the music of Prokofiev. He was the first pianist to record his complete works for solo piano, including all sonatas/ He wrote the book Prokofiev’s Piano Sonatas. He was the editor of the authoritative edition of the scores of Prokofiev’s sonatas.

Mussorgsky: Pictures at the Exhibition. Behind the Painting

Alexander Kobrin


Mussorgsky Pictures at the Exhibition. Behind the Painting

Rachmaninoff Preludes: Epic Stories of Songs Without Words

Olga Kern


When creating the Preludes, Rachmaninoff used various techniques of textured and melodic presentation that allowed him to express the broadest spector of feelings and emotions, from sadness and grief to the feelings of  love, light and joy, the same as in his versatile vocal works, especially in his Romances. I would like to talk about this aspect of his preludes.

Alexander Scriabin: The Russian Prometheus

Dmitry Rachmanov


Alexander Scriabin was a visionary Russian composer of the turn of the 20 th century, whose music encompasses a steep stylistic progression from his adolescent romantic works to the futuristic compositions of 1910s. Scriabin’s unique language was influenced by his mystical philosophy and by synesthesia, the association of sounds with colors. What Scriabin personified for the Russian music, Debussy represented for the French and Schoenberg and his circle – for the Germanic traditions: a bridge from the 19 th to the 20 th
centuries in the development of musical styles. Piano was Scriabin’s main medium. That is where he made musical discoveries, experimenting with harmonies and special sound effects, creating inimitable sonorities, impressions and characters. 2021-2022 marks Scriabin’s 150 th anniversary. To commemorate this benchmark, the pianist Dmitry Rachmanov will present a synopsis of the composer’s stylistic and spiritual
development through nearly three decades of creativity, discussing the historical and artistic environment of the time, focusing on the composer’s style as related to specific genres, offering musical examples with commentaries of the composer’s etudes, preludes, mazurkas, nocturnes, poems and sonatas.