with Dr. Andrew Focks

Piano Keys


3pm - 4pm


Our weekly live Fundamentals of Musicianship course brings together eager young musicians from around the world for 60-minute classes with Dr. Focks, who is an experienced and outstanding instructor. Students also learn from our textbook and detail class notes, while honing their skills on several types of homework or project assignments. 

Cost: $250

Class Schedule (12 Weeks)

  • Sunday, Sept 19

  • Sunday, Sept 26

  • Sunday, Oct 3

  • Sunday, Oct 10

  • Sunday, Oct 24

  • Sunday, Oct 31

  • Sunday, Nov 7

  • Sunday, Nov 14

  • Sunday, Nov 21

  • Sunday, Dec 5

  • Sunday, Dec 12

  • Sunday, Dec 19

***Please note: there are no classes on Sunday, Nov 28***

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideal for students looking to gain a basic understanding of musical foundations that are between the ages of 8 and 12 and are eager to take their musicianship skills to the next level. Students should know how to read the treble and bass clefs, be familiar with basic time signatures, and have some experience playing a musical instrument. No prior theory, ear training, or historical knowledge is required. This is a great place to start! The class will meet once per week for 60 minutes.

Course Topics

  • basic intervals

  • basic triads

  • diatonic triads in major keys

  • forming major and minor scales

  • types of minor scales

  • diatonic triads in minor keys

  • diatonic triads in inversions (treble and bass clefs)

  • chord function

  • circle of fifths

  • complex intervals

  • seventh chords

  • sharpening of foundational rhythmic skills

  • motive and melodic contours

  • composition of a short melody in a major key with given rhythm, stepwise motives, repeated motives, etc.

  • the main periods of music history and their most prominent composers (with biographical information and general exploration of their music)

  • basic melodic and rhythmic dictations/playback

  • basic music terminology


Music Theory for Young Musicians in the Style of Russian School of Piano Playing by Sophia Gorlin

Once class registration is complete, Dr. Focks will make recommendations according to each participant's skill level.