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Musicale is defined as “a musical gathering,” which succinctly reflects our guiding philosophy:

to create a space for musical sharing and learning for all. 

Musicale is a community-driven music collaborative aimed at inspiring young musicians to fully experience the joy of music.


We challenge students to embrace a deeper level of music understanding and motivate them to work towards high levels of accomplishment. We are committed to working with and supporting teachers both through teaching opportunities and our educational content aimed specifically at engaging musical educators. We bring preeminent musicians into an intimate, virtual setting where students can receive individualized feedback and can foster a love of music. We are focused on attracting individuals of diverse backgrounds and skill levels. 

***Please note that we do not offer private lessons.***


Our Music Festivals celebrate a different composer each month through student performances and teacher perspectives. 


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"Learning from Mr. Sheng was incredibly enlightening, challenging, and fun! He challenged me to not only seek a new perspective on the phrasing, voicing, and character of my Chopin sonata but also to understand how the life and character of Chopin makes his music uniquely beautiful. By taking me on a historical journey through Chopin’s personality—“Did you know that Chopin was an introvert? Did you know he didn’t like performing in front of people?”—and Chopin’s unrequited love—“Did you know he had four girlfriends? He was too afraid to confess to the one he wanted to marry!”—Mr. Sheng inspired me to explore further the beauty and quiet passion of Chopin and to deepen my understanding and enjoyment of music."

- Maxine Park on Yuan Sheng's Masterclass Series

"Having a masterclass with Mr. Sheng gave me an entirely new perspective on a Bach Partita that I had been working on for a year. His suggestions surrounding articulation, musical lines within the signature Bach voices, and even flow based on the time signature were simple but fundamentally changed my understanding of the piece. After the class, I became addicted to his recordings, the perfection of these techniques. The combination of his musical enthusiasm, creative energy, and skillful versatility made it inspiring and a wonderful opportunity to learn from Mr. Sheng!"

- Roxane Park on Yuan Sheng's Masterclass Series

"Ingrid's comments during the masterclass were incredibly insightful; despite the masterclass being on zoom, we could easily communicate and I got a lot of valuable information. In addition, I really enjoyed listening to the other students in the masterclass play, something that was also exciting about the Bach Festival. The process of receiving comments on my piece, applying those ideas, and seeing others' interpretations of Bach helped me go more in depth than I ever would have with this piece."

- Tim Kulchitsky on Ingrid Clarfield's Masterclass Series

"It's great to be able to participate in the festivals and see so many people come together in celebration of different music every month! You can share the repertoire you've been working on and receive really specific and helpful feedback as well as hear what others have been working on. It's also great that there are so many opportunities to hear and learn from educators all over the world!"

- Alyssa Xu, Bach & Baroque Music Festival participant

"With Covid-19, you've done a wonderful job of creating opportunities for teachers and students to learn. I don't know of any other musical organization that offers mini-courses throughout the year as you do with world-class presenters. You've done an amazing job!"

- Christina Anderson, Bach & Baroque Music Festival participant

"I can't thank you enough for all you do to promote a supremely elevated music experience for our students.  I cannot foresee any of your programs that I would consider missing!"

- Ivy Young, Bach & Baroque Music Festival participant

"I really admire Isabella for what she's done for the music community!

The masterclasses, the lectures, festivals and most of all the wonderful musicians we are able to see and hear bring much needed resources and learning opportunities for all." 

- Anna Fagan, Bach & Baroque Music Festival participant

Again, great job with everything!  I don't know of any other organization that offers consistent continuing education for teachers and students alike without either charging a lot of money or requiring a large amount of time. The fact that you offer a variety of mini courses that are all different makes it very interesting! I always look forward to the new courses that come up! 

- Christine Branaum Brosius

I had the great pleasure of participating in an online masterclass with Robert Levin, organized by Musicale, and I can say it was the best experience at every step of the way. Firstly, the audition and application process is one of the smoothest, simplest, and most comfortable I've ever had. I submitted my information and video link in just a few steps, and was promised to hear back within three days. In fact, I heard back within a few hours of submitting! I wish every college, program, or summer festival was as prompt as that. The payment process was similarly easy and frustration-free. Furthermore, the actual masterclass itself was so well done. Maestro Levin was amazing to work with. Normally, I would have felt intimidated, but Professor Li of the Musicale staff helped put me at ease by having all of us participants arrive in the zoom room early to run a sound check. She was very thorough, making sure our sound quality and internet was all prepared so we could just focus on playing. Professor Li was also prompt in her communications through email, and able to answer any questions I had. I can't stress enough that I think every festival should run like this. I have told all of my friends to apply for this, because it's that good of an experience.

- Julian Jenson

I cannot begin to praise Isabella adequately for her contribution to the community!  Because I am teaching Schubert this summer, I knew that Prof. Rosenbaum was the only one I wanted to hear!  His openness and humanity made my heart sing. Thank you for your extraordinary gift!

- Anonymous


Our teachers are renowned artists, performers, and master musicians. They are passionate about education and sharing the joy of music. 




Musicale was founded on the principle of the community found in the joy of music making.


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