Musicale Masterclasses are a unique, highly effective, and potentially life changing experience for both the performers and the observers. It represents our goal of becoming a community of music-makers where everyone belongs and thrives. 


Musicale masterclass teachers are extraordinary educators who consider each teaching opportunity as a gift to their students and audiences. They inspire, encourage, and bring the highest level of artistic, creative and imaginative insights into each individual performer’s own music space. 


Through intimate and personal interaction, each teacher offers constructive feedback, in-depth observations, and provides guidance on the most important issues, such as structure, technique, and the details of musical interpretation. Their background, knowledge, and experience offer students and observers an inside look at the thought processes of an eminent musician. Thereafter, it can serve as a stepping stone for participants to make connections in their own learning process in the future. 


Each Masterclass has its own magic touch and no performer will leave unchanged.  It transforms a young musician’s perspective on music understanding in a matter of hours. It dramatically increases performer’s confidence and motivation for their future study. It’s an unforgettable experience that you will not want to miss.

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General Masterclasses are one time events usually lasting 2 hours. Masterclass Series can run for multiple weeks with both teaching and student performances. Some Series may be shorter or longer depending on the topic and the teacher. Fees vary by Series.  

Masterclasses are capped at a maximum number of students in order to ensure that each student gets maximum individualized attention and feedback.


Students must audition in order to participate; more information about our audition process can be found by clicking on the Audition Info button.

***Please note that class meeting times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).***

If you have already been accepted via audition to one of our Masterclasses, please click on the button below to enroll. 

You may also audit any of our Masterclasses. Auditors must have their videos off and remain muted for the entirety of the class. For more information on how to sign-up, click below. 


General Masterclass

Inna Faliks | Piano

June 6th

General Masterclass
Michael Lewin | Piano
June 20th

General Masterclass

Alexander Kobrin | Piano

June 13th

General Masterclass

Catherine Rollin | Piano

June 27th