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Frederic Rzewski "Friendship"

Ursula Oppens

Frederic Rzewski  "Friendship"

Ursula Oppens Performs and Discusses: Frederic Rzewski "Friendship" In 1974, Frederic Rzewski wrote a fantastic piece that has entered the repertoire: “The People United Will Never Be Defeated.” It is a set of 36 variations on a Chilean song. Fast forward to 2020. Ursula explained, “In March everything stopped, and we were all put into isolation.” “I think we all found what was comforting to us and what was nourishing. It was a very strange period, and for me it was Chopin Nocturnes and new music.” Ursula asked Rzewski to compose a piece six to ten minutes long: “Friendship.” This piece is unpublished.
Ursula hopes “Friendship” will be published. Rzewski self-publishes and his music is available on IMSLP. “Friendship,” is what I think the pandemic has taught us is the most important thing in our lives.”

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