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Our Story

We are grounded in community.

Throughout her years as a music educator at the Preparatory School of New England Conservatory of Music, Musicale’s founder Isabella Li struggled to find top quality resources that offer guidance and insights into the world of piano literature, performance, and pedagogy.  She discovered that not only are such resources quite scattered, they are often only accessible to conservatory students and beyond.


Frustrated by these limitations, Isabella sought to leverage technology to create a platform where top quality musical knowledge can be captured, curated and made accessible to pianists of all backgrounds and skill levels.  She envisioned world-class musicians sharing their knowledge and insights in their areas of expertise with a global community that is passionate about learning and growing together in their skills and love for music.


Since Musicale’s inception, many world-class pianists and teachers have joined in the effort of building the resource repository.  Their work has rapidly expanded the resource pool, and is continually enlarging an avid learning community. We believe that all deserve access to the best education possible and we are better musicians when learning together. 

[our mission]

Our mission is to inspire teachers and pianists to grow and become ever better artists and pedagogues by providing them with easy access to consistently high quality learning resources for piano literature, performance, and pedagogy in a welcoming and inclusive learning community.

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