Thank you to all students, teachers and parents for your participation. Videos are linked for Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize Recipients (click on each name)! 

5-7 years old

Gold Viara Stolarov

Silver Kristina Pan

Bronze Emily Amidon

Honorable Mention Samuel Slonevskiy

Honorable Mention Charlie Nguyen

8-11 years old

Gold Masanobu Pires

Silver Averie Wu

Bronze Shu Wei Feng

Honorable Mention Qi Ye Kingsley Chen

Honorable Mention Lyris Shen

Honorable Mention Elsie Slonevskiy

12-14 years old

Gold Claire Tong

Silver Benjamin Wolfson

Bronze Norman Lu

Honorable Mention Vartan Arakelian

Honorable Mention Gabriel Vignon-Villani

Honorable Mention Karla Valeria Leyva Peralta

Honorable Mention Torsten Fras

15-17 years old

Gold Ke Nichole Hu

Silver Sammi Li

Bronze Meghan Tan

Honorable Mention Benjamin Kim

Honorable Mention Alyssa Xu

Honorable Mention Timothy Fong

College (18-22 years old)

Gold Kyra Lombard

Silver Aaron Wonson

Adult Amateur

Gold Robert Berkowitz

Silver Diana Mukusheva

Benjamin Wolfson, Beethoven Festival December 2020 Silver Prize Recipient (12-14 yo age category), shares his story and approach to learning the piano.

Nicole Hu, Beethoven Festival December 2020 Gold Prize Recipient (15-17 yo age category) shares her music journey.

Sammi Li shares about her personal story and her passion for piano studies.

Kyra Lombard , Gold prize winner (18-22 Age Category) in the Musicale Beethoven Music Festival shares her spiritual connection with music and more.

Robert Berkowitz, Beethoven Festival December 2020 Gold Prize Recipient (Adult Amateur category) shares his music journey and his tips on how to overcome stage fright.

Torsten Fras, Honorable mention in the age 12-14 years-old category at the recent Musicale Beethoven Festival, shares about his harpsichord studies and music journey.

The Beethoven Festival Gold Prize Winner Claire Tong shares about her story, piano study, practice, and more.

Norman Lu, Bronze Prize Recipient (12-14 age category) at the Musicale Beethoven Music Festival shares his passion for music, and more.