Grand Piano



Performing in front of a live audience can greatly increase the confidence of the students and it will cultivate the joy of sharing music with others. You will enjoy being a part of a vibrant global music community at Musicale. 

Many students work hard to get their music pieces to a performance level but struggle to find a venue to perform in front of an audience. If you are looking for performance opportunities, this is for you. It is essential that you are engaged in a music community where you can learn and perform with other young musicians from all over the country. Sharing music with others will help students gain confidence as well as instilling a deep joy in learning music. The virtual setting and the minimum fee makes this easy and accessible for all. There will be a musician monitoring all recitals and you will get a round of applause as well as a few words of compliments and encouragement at the end of your performance.

This is a live performance. Any students can sign up whenever they are ready to perform and they will be in a recital with other students of different ages and levels. Students are highly recommended to participate in a Workshop before signing up for a recital, but are not required to. The performance should be memorized and students should be dressed appropriately for a recital. 

Any student can sign up! No audition is required! The maximum allowed length for a piece is 10 minutes. Please contact for repertoire that is longer than 10 minutes.