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At Musicale, we believe each student, no matter what age or level, can benefit greatly from the opportunity to learn from a variety of perspectives on piano playing. The support of a community of teachers and peers can motivate and inspire students to be better listeners, develop critical thinking skills, build repertoire resources, and elevate their music understanding.

Workshops are 1 hour long and are live virtual events.  A Musicale Masterclass teacher will listen and offer feedback to a group of students. Students sign up based on their teacher’s recommendations. Written comments will be shared with each student and their teacher after the Workshop. 

There are 3-5 students per Workshop. Each student is permitted to perform one piece of music up to 10 minutes in length. 

There is no audition necessary. Sign up below!


2nd and 4th Fridays | 7-8pm EST

1st and 3rd Sundays | 5:30-6:30pm EST


$39 for pieces up to 5 min in length

$49 for pieces 6-10 min in length

Please contact us at info@wearemusicale.com if your piece exceeds 10 minutes.

Sign-Up Instructions

1. Email us a PDF of your music score to info@wearemusicale.com. You must name the file as follows: Last Name, First Name_Workshop Score.pdf. For example, Smith, John_Workshop Score.pdf would be an acceptable file format. We can ONLY accept PDF formats. Please follow the same naming conventions for the subject line of your email. 

2. Click "Book Now" for the appropriate piece length and choose the Workshop you would like to sign-up for. You MUST use the SAME NAME you used to email the PDF. Otherwise, we cannot process your sign-up. 

3. We will be in touch soon with the link to attend your Workshop!